GDI Marketing Page

Over the past 15 years I have been in GDI a few times. I always wanted to go back, then this GDI marketing page came into rotation at the traffic exchanges and mailers. I thought what the hell Ill jump back in now.


Im so glad I did. I signed up late March and I already have a few sign ups under me and became Silver Coordinator because the marketing page itself converts well. 

This marketing page is about a guy who makes $30,000 a month marketing GDI and he doesnt bother with bs such as lead capture pages, auto responders, funnels etc…which aligns with how I feel about those things in general.


When you join, you get the team page and put in the rotator and a list of ad sources plus on a 7 day trial at GDI. Win-win in my book.

I use GDI for everything! I didnt realize how awesome it was till now. I use their blogging system – THIS blog, GDI blog and will be creating a team training blog for my downlines. I also use their email system – I have a personal, business and marketing email that end in which is cool.

Here is all thats included –

Ive always believed in being a product of the product so GDI works well for what I need and use on a daily basis.

Plus they give bonuses! 😀

Here is a Recap of everything you will receive:

7 Day Trial of GDI

10 email addresses & 10 forwarding addresses

5 wordpress subdomains

Team Page

Ad Sources

In the Rotator

Earn Residual Income and Bonuses

All for only $10 a month!



Testing New Traffic Exchanges

I never realized how much fun it would be 😀 (sarcasm) I joined 3 new ones recently and unsure of ALL of them – beehits, 1-1hits, SurfWebAds. Still waiting for approval of my links on SurfWebAds.

The point for me is to have different kinds of traffic from different areas spread about.

BeeHits I cannot really track because BABO is banned from their site and I dont want to use another tracker, Im happy with the one I do use.

1-1Hits I get 2 hits a day per site. I guess thats okay.

SurfWebAds still waiting for approval.

So today has turned into one of those weird days. Its been windy, Walgreens, Safeway and Dairy Queen have all had computer issues. Then of course my own internet goes out but it goes out at least once a week so I just reset it, gotta love CenturyLink :p

Bought an air fryer this previous weekend and will be making homemade fries. Random thought I know 😀 Just excited to try it out.

Anyway which has led to me to not feel like working since I started non-stop, but I have I just barely finished up my TEs and now starting on my mailers.

It gets even stranger because gmail isnt working neither. Which RARELY happens. But I continue plugging away as much as I can checking things off.

Back to the testing traffic exchanges I mentioned earlier, I am rethinking my strategy now.

Well going to finish up for the night as much as I can…


Team Surfing and Chatting on Traffic Exchanges

My very first Traffic Exchange was an auto surf in 2005. 12DailyPro. I joined I made money, it was great. I tried to use other manual traffic exchanges in that time and they bored me and were time consuming.  Now I LOVE manual traffic exchanges. Funny how your tastes change through the years. I love starting off my morning surfing and drinking my coffee.

Fast forward to 2016. I got back into manual traffic exchanges to promote my opportunities. The traffic exchanges now are nothing like they were over 10+ years ago. There is now branding, social media promotion, team surfing, tournaments, games, chatting. Me, being the somewhat social butterfly I loved the idea of it all.

Then here come the Cons of it. It lowers your productivity. If you surf 1 manual traffic exchange the entire day to win some team surfing reward, what results will you have with your business?

Then there is the drama aspect because of chatting while surfing. You have every type of personality chatting and some which clash following name calling, arguing etc. Lowers your productivity even more and weighs you down. Again, what results will you have?

Personally, I have a hard time with discipline up until this point. So now I tend to avoid TEs with chatting or team surfing, because I know ME and I know I would like to chat and even join a team. Now some people live for that kind of thing. But I had to go back and remind myself WHY I originally joined traffic exchanges in the first place so they dont work for me. This is my opinion and you do whatever floats your boat.

But if you find yourself lacking productivity and marketing your business because of gossiping and team surfing then you may want to reconsider your game plan.

Now to speak my mind out loud about whats working or not I blog here instead of socializing and promote my opps and whats working for me at the same time. WIN-WIN for ME. 😀

I hope some of you found this useful for your own situation.

Have a happy surf day 😀

Hello Marketers

If you read my “About Me” Page it will tell you what this is all about. This blog (hosted on GDI)  is about testing different sources of traffic that will bring me sales.

Yesterday I tried a new Traffic Exchange called “Yibbida” I saw it of course while surfing one of my Traffic Exchanges I use daily. I decided to try it out because its 1:1 Surf Ratio and those are the only ones I will accept with a couple of exceptions such as dynamic surf ratio/event days with 50% more credits etc things of that nature.

Well let me tell yall, it was not very user friendly at all. Kind of reminded me of 90s text of sorts. Then admin only approved 1 out of my 4 opp sites. After that I hit the close account button and never looked back.

My goal right now is to find 20 Traffic Exchanges with good results and that are 1:1 Surf Ratio as a free member.

I was surfing TrafficSwarm (had my account forever) and I checked my results from my previous surfing and it was bad. So I cut them off. My ads arent the best but I busted my ass surfing and the results were not even close to equal. I am still linking them though because they are in general a good service for some and its an oldie.

I added my ClickVoyager back into the mix because I think its a good service even though I think with that particular service it would be best to be upgraded but with their Event Days it does make it easier in the mean time.

I normally use my ListSurfing for Surfing but now I am reading in various places its good as a Mailer too. So I am using it both ways now to promote. So I took a whack at it tonight.

I also got a random, VERY random referral for ListJumper, which is weird because I havent promoted my link AT ALL (except now and I just built this blog)  and I am a free member, Im grateful but just confused. I thought of emailing admin but will just let it be.

I track my links with my favorite Marketers Service ever – BuildaBizOnline

Yes, I have stepped into Mailers/Safelists. I think I am really liking it. I will be joining more but I am slowly building up because I am also doing Traffic Exchanges as well.

idk if I will be squeezing in other forms of marketing anymore though. I stay pretty busy (hours worth of work) doing Traffic Exchanges and Mailers now. Honestly its 11 pm and wondering WHY Im still working on a Saturday.

What I have enjoyed though is seeing the fruits of my labor when I track my links. Tracking is a marvelous thing.

My favorite traffic exchange right now though is TrafficAdBar. OMG its amazing and will be upgrading as soon as I can.

Anyway just thought I would share whats going on so far. Tomorrow I will be joining more Safelists.