So today I joined some new mailers yesterday:

Email Marketing Evolved!

I keep a notebook log of when I can send ads in my mailers. Then today I joined BeeHits (still waiting for approval on my ads and disappointed though that BABO was banned and I am a huge fan of BABO and use their tracking link!) and I went to surf 1-1Hits again and was disappointed that only 9 hits each site (have 4 listed) has only been distributed. :O

On top of that another one of my surf sites that I surf regularly wasnt working correctly and finally decided to just cancel that upgrade. So now just working on getting my ListSurfing done for the month but may add it into regular rotation.

I still have mailers to do and a new episode of Roseanne to watch too but I anticipate working late today.

I also decided I will eventually be including Leads back into the mix of marketing.

Found another 1:1 surf ratio while surfing – SurfWebAds. I hope they workout.

Ok going over everything I dont have as much work left as I thought :p

Tomorrow I will be testing out SurfWebAds and joining more mailers.

Goodnight yall…now just waiting to submit my ads to my mailers and watching the new Roseanne.

So We Meet Again

I forgot yesterday I was testing out Traffic Marketplace as well. Surfed the 100 required and got back over 376 hits for the week. So I am def keeping it. Kind of reminds me of ListSurfing where you only have to surf 50 pages a month. Good system although puzzling to me of how they are able to distribute a lot of hits like that for very little surfing especially to free members.

I think I found a new favorite TE as well, I found it this morning surfing (of course!) 1-1Hits. The admin seems to have it really together, its very professional. I am considering upgrading. PLUS its a 1:1 Surf Ratio. It reminds me of an old favorite site of mine I no longer surf, so its basically a dream come true!

As Im doing my Mailers I realized I am a knucklehead for freaking submitting in the evening…so now Im waiting to be complete but have to wait till its time according to the mailers. Live and learn. Oh and what is the difference between safelists and mailers? I will be googling. But wonder why they changed the name or they are two completely different things etc…Oh I didnt join any new mailers today but I did add one back into the mix – Pangea.

Still unsure yet but I might be ditching MillionLeadsForFree . Im not seeing any kind of results from it..although on the other hand, my ads are bad, I wish I was a sharp copywriter but Im not. So I only see two options – ditch it or upgrade $100 to make my link automatic and clicked. Kind of risky. I am a risk taker but more conservative now when it comes to my dineros.

My latest mailer¬† I still have to wait an hour to post…Oh the insanity. I should use categories in this blog as all blogs but honestly unsure of what categories as its all assorted info in each post. The dilemma.

Well I guess I will go ahead and wait and get my mailers out and then watch some Youtube and Roseanne. Night.