Taking another New Direction and Adding to my Strategy

Yes. Adding leads. IMO leads are the fastest way to build your business. ANY business. Trying to balance out everything and come up with a routine that will benefit both businesses.

I have everything in place to start on my leads, but since its been awhile and calling leads can be stressful, its taken me a minute to get on it. So, trying to build up my courage again. Since some people would rather gouge out their eyes then call leads, its still my preferred method. Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Car Salesman, etc still use this aged old method.  Even though nowadays people rarely answer the phone, it still works.

What I like about calling leads is it it gets straight to the point. I believe its a numbers game and believe in the law of averages so it works out for me.

On top of calling my leads, I will also be emailing and texting them to get my message across. I will be using genealogy leads and eventually add more lead systems such as USA Lead Club and use phone burner to call my older leads.

NEVER throw away your old leads. I have thousands upon thousands from years before. Once I get phone burner again, I will speed through those suckers like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ive been doing a lot of training this week and I agree with the message. Do not focus on the results – focus on your activity, for example Im going to call 100 leads today or Im going to surf 500 pages on a few traffic exchanges or Im going send out 50 mailers today etc. Or Im going to click 20 of each credit mailer today etc. Activity Goals keep you productive and going and its something you can control vs income goals. 

So calling a 100 leads a day will def help build faster especially if you’re expecting a no 😉