GDI Marketing Page

Over the past 15 years I have been in GDI a few times. I always wanted to go back, then this GDI marketing page came into rotation at the traffic exchanges and mailers. I thought what the hell Ill jump back in now.


Im so glad I did. I signed up late March and I already have a few sign ups under me and became Silver Coordinator because the marketing page itself converts well. 

This marketing page is about a guy who makes $30,000 a month marketing GDI and he doesnt bother with bs such as lead capture pages, auto responders, funnels etc…which aligns with how I feel about those things in general.


When you join, you get the team page and put in the rotator and a list of ad sources plus on a 7 day trial at GDI. Win-win in my book.

I use GDI for everything! I didnt realize how awesome it was till now. I use their blogging system – THIS blog, GDI blog and will be creating a team training blog for my downlines. I also use their email system – I have a personal, business and marketing email that end in which is cool.

Here is all thats included –

Ive always believed in being a product of the product so GDI works well for what I need and use on a daily basis.

Plus they give bonuses! 😀

Here is a Recap of everything you will receive:

7 Day Trial of GDI

10 email addresses & 10 forwarding addresses

5 wordpress subdomains

Team Page

Ad Sources

In the Rotator

Earn Residual Income and Bonuses

All for only $10 a month!