Testing New Traffic Exchanges

I never realized how much fun it would be 😀 (sarcasm) I joined 3 new ones recently and unsure of ALL of them – beehits, 1-1hits, SurfWebAds. Still waiting for approval of my links on SurfWebAds.

The point for me is to have different kinds of traffic from different areas spread about.

BeeHits I cannot really track because BABO is banned from their site and I dont want to use another tracker, Im happy with the one I do use.

1-1Hits I get 2 hits a day per site. I guess thats okay.

SurfWebAds still waiting for approval.

So today has turned into one of those weird days. Its been windy, Walgreens, Safeway and Dairy Queen have all had computer issues. Then of course my own internet goes out but it goes out at least once a week so I just reset it, gotta love CenturyLink :p

Bought an air fryer this previous weekend and will be making homemade fries. Random thought I know 😀 Just excited to try it out.

Anyway which has led to me to not feel like working since I started non-stop, but I have I just barely finished up my TEs and now starting on my mailers.

It gets even stranger because gmail isnt working neither. Which RARELY happens. But I continue plugging away as much as I can checking things off.

Back to the testing traffic exchanges I mentioned earlier, I am rethinking my strategy now.

Well going to finish up for the night as much as I can…



So today I joined some new mailers yesterday:

Email Marketing Evolved!

I keep a notebook log of when I can send ads in my mailers. Then today I joined BeeHits (still waiting for approval on my ads and disappointed though that BABO was banned and I am a huge fan of BABO and use their tracking link!) and I went to surf 1-1Hits again and was disappointed that only 9 hits each site (have 4 listed) has only been distributed. :O

On top of that another one of my surf sites that I surf regularly wasnt working correctly and finally decided to just cancel that upgrade. So now just working on getting my ListSurfing done for the month but may add it into regular rotation.

I still have mailers to do and a new episode of Roseanne to watch too but I anticipate working late today.

I also decided I will eventually be including Leads back into the mix of marketing.

Found another 1:1 surf ratio while surfing – SurfWebAds. I hope they workout.

Ok going over everything I dont have as much work left as I thought :p

Tomorrow I will be testing out SurfWebAds and joining more mailers.

Goodnight yall…now just waiting to submit my ads to my mailers and watching the new Roseanne.