Team Surfing and Chatting on Traffic Exchanges

My very first Traffic Exchange was an auto surf in 2005. 12DailyPro. I joined I made money, it was great. I tried to use other manual traffic exchanges in that time and they bored me and were time consuming.  Now I LOVE manual traffic exchanges. Funny how your tastes change through the years. I love starting off my morning surfing and drinking my coffee.

Fast forward to 2016. I got back into manual traffic exchanges to promote my opportunities. The traffic exchanges now are nothing like they were over 10+ years ago. There is now branding, social media promotion, team surfing, tournaments, games, chatting. Me, being the somewhat social butterfly I loved the idea of it all.

Then here come the Cons of it. It lowers your productivity. If you surf 1 manual traffic exchange the entire day to win some team surfing reward, what results will you have with your business?

Then there is the drama aspect because of chatting while surfing. You have every type of personality chatting and some which clash following name calling, arguing etc. Lowers your productivity even more and weighs you down. Again, what results will you have?

Personally, I have a hard time with discipline up until this point. So now I tend to avoid TEs with chatting or team surfing, because I know ME and I know I would like to chat and even join a team. Now some people live for that kind of thing. But I had to go back and remind myself WHY I originally joined traffic exchanges in the first place so they dont work for me. This is my opinion and you do whatever floats your boat.

But if you find yourself lacking productivity and marketing your business because of gossiping and team surfing then you may want to reconsider your game plan.

Now to speak my mind out loud about whats working or not I blog here instead of socializing and promote my opps and whats working for me at the same time. WIN-WIN for ME. 😀

I hope some of you found this useful for your own situation.

Have a happy surf day 😀