About Me

Honestly, Im like OMG Im building another website. But I had too. Im Jackie. I have many pages filled with my opps and other things…Im thinking to myself but do I REALLY need another???

I am also tired of the usual (or MY usual typical “About Me” page).  So going to try something a little different here…that image on the left is not my normal “biz branding” image neither.

Anyway hello…this is where I will be posting my opps and where I get my traffic and also updates on progress and different mailers and traffic exchanges and other forms of traffic that have made me sales. I am not new to this but I am progressing regardless.

This wordpress is made by my lovely tool/residual income opp GDI. I have been with GDI in the past and a few times in the past 10 years or so (or more?) I had planned on joining it again later permanently but I came across this beautiful marketing system they are using and jumped back on board.

I also love the fact I can build 5 blogs (subdomains) and have 10 email accounts and 10 forwarding accounts so its no only the perfect opp but the perfect tool. ALL for $10 a month! BOOM!

Moving on…I will be posting updates on different traffic sources I used and if they passed to use and add to my biz toolbox or not…if you check the pages I have my Opportunties Im focusing on, Traffic Exchanges, Mailers and other Marketing Tools I am implementing.

Keep in mind I am in other stuff but this blog/website is solely for stuff I am USING. If I discontinue something it will be removed. I already have another website filled with every link imaginable.

If you want to contact me for any questions, comments or concerns, fill out the form below: